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Waiting for Kittens by Myridd Waiting for Kittens by Myridd
This is fan art, a gift to Deda (Cause I promised some Lorenzo fan art from her comic Pirate Balthasar. thepiratebalthasar.smackjeeves…

If you haven't read it, you really should. Its awesome.

ANYWAY! This is Andromeda sitting atop her princess bed, with Lorenzo and his blond kitty wife. I have a little scene in mind for it..(I named the blond cat Butterscotch. Don't judge me!)


Andromeda was glad she had Lorenzo. Especially now that her daddy and mommy were spending more time together, trying to write the stork to get her a little sibling.

She was also glad that her daddy taught her how to properly care for her beloved kitty, and she frowned whenever she thought of how miserable he must of been. Lorenzo wasn't miserable now, though. Andromeda's daddy had found a blond kitty to keep Lorenzo company... Or perhaps Lorenzo found her... Andromeda wasn't really sure. She just knew that Lorenzo and Butterscotch were happy. And that made her happy.

As she sat on her bed, with Butterscotch purring in her lap and Lorenzo besides her, Andromeda was quite happy. And her mother had said there would be kittens soon, and that was why Butterscoth's belly had swelled. Mommy had said that kitties had multiple babies at once, so the kittens would always have someone to play with. Andromeda wanted someone to play with.

Lorenzo sat up and placed a paw on Andromeda's arm, as if reading her mind. "Rey Rey." He stated simply. Andromeda smiled.

"Of course, kitty. I can still play with you, and soon, Mommy and Daddy will give me a little brother or sister." She reached out and stroked the diagonal cat's head. "Daddy is a good daddy. You'll be a good daddy Lorenzo. Just like Daddy."

"Rey." Lorenzo agreed.
Dedasaur Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Professional Filmographer
ahahaha this is awesome! Lorenzo is the best XDD
I'm gonna add this to the group :D

I like how youngave Andromeda a princess bed, it is so like her!
Myridd Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is, isn't it? I thought for sure Pea would of made sure her little princess had the very best. XD
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